National Reconciliation Through Nature (Part I)

Part I: Restoring broken fellowship through nature

Life is all about love. Once your relationship is broken, do you truly will to restore it? If you meet someone who hurt you badly, will you accidentally pretend not to know that person and simply walk away or you choose to let go the past and directly approach that one to make friend again? Which choice will you choose? The answer does depend on circumstance.

Restoring relationship will work if a commitment to do so is met. Obviously, Cambodia has gone through a vast tragedy and unforgettable event. Around 1,7 millions of Cambodian were death and were killed during that regime before it collapsed on 07 January 1979. The presence of the Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia (ECCC), alias Khmer Rouge Tribunal, established with the aim to bring criminal committed those crime during the 17 April 1975 to 06 January 1979 to the court could only bring justice but it could not bring totally reconciliation between the victims and the perpetrators of that regime.

How to reconcile both of them? Just to punish a senior leader and the most responsible of the crime committed at that regime is not enough. What the victims want are the repent and the responsibility to Cambodians who were survived and who were death and were executed.

There are many ways in restoring positive relationship to the parties of the conflict and it could also bring reconciliation. For instance, the establishment of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is the mechanism of reconciliation as well as the public apologies.

Suppose you have a chance to ask the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to do something for the victims as well as for promoting reconciliation, what do you do? You’ve to think precisely of your answer in order to memorize, to prevent this crime not to happen again and to keep it for the next generation.

To me, I choose to do something together between the Accused (the perpetrators) and the victims within a specific period of time in order to keep a good souvenir for the next generation. That is the way of using the nature to become the subject of the reconciliation. Both perpetrators and the victims shall join the tree plantations within 03… 08… 20… in the specific area. This represents the request of forgiveness and the forgiveness between the Accused and the victims through his own activity.

The reconciliation through the nature does not demonstrate only the request of forgiveness and the forgiveness but also the presentation of love to the next generation who is going to face the natural disaster, means the climate change.

What do you think while seeing your children die because of the natural disaster? On the other hand, what do you think if they were safe because of one tree that you plant on that day?

What shall happen in the day of the plantation in love?

To be continued.

Thank you for your attention.

Author: MAO Chamna (Jasmina)                                          

Translated and Published on  November 28, 2011                        



One thought on “National Reconciliation Through Nature (Part I)

  1. “National Reconciliation through Nature” is a personal idea of the using the “tree planting” as a symbol of peace and reconciliation between the survivors of the Khmer rouge regime and the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge in Cambodia.

    The tree will play a role as a remembrance of these atrocities during this regime to the next generation and will be prevent them from not happen again in Cambodia and the world.

    The longer the tree is, the longer the remembrance remains.

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