National Reconciliation through Nature (The end)

Published in Love and Relationship Section by Yorn Sophearith; Code # SW 141721

Written by Ms. MAO Chamna


The end:              Nature for remembrance

The memory always stays in each person’s heart. From the mother womb till each death, good souvenir and tear are not far away from you.

Plus, life is all about love. No matter where you are, with love you will get a special peace in your heart.

And the nature itself too; it is not far from the memory and love. Sometimes, some plants around you could release your sorrow, anger and hatred.

The nature for remembrance is the end of the article called “National reconciliation through nature”. In this term, the nature means the participation in the tree planting in order to have peace and reconciliation in Cambodia. Each tree planting is a special event which urges the survivors of the Khmer rouge regime and the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge to meet each other in order to untie their conflict which has happened in the past, then to look for the new wonderful future together.

As known, there was only three years eight months and twenty days that around 1.7 million were die and were executed during the Khmer rouge regime before it was collapsed in 07 January 1979.

A bad memory during that regime does still remains in the survivors’ heart. And the bad dream seems as the black shadow to the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge.

Should any events release their trauma? Could that event gives a good memory not only for the party in conflict but also for the next generation?

The nature for remembrance will fill the missing part in their heart.

One tree will represent one life which was death or being executed in the Khmer rouge regime and that tree will also represent the new life. We could not bring a death to a life but we could transform the life of the death into a good memory for the living. That is the nature for remembrance.

All leaders, the survivors from the Khmer rouge regime, the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge, the NGOs and the students etc… would join in tree planting consecutively at all cooperative sites, executive sites, security centers and all necessary areas in Cambodia in a specific period of time in Cambodia.  Those areas will become an historical memorial sites for Cambodian and Cambodia.

Those trees will be an important proof for the next generation to know and to remember that the crime against humanity truly happened in that nation and in Cambodia.

At last, in order to have those events truly exist in Cambodia, we need the participation from all sectors.

Hope that everybody would participate in keeping historical of the Khmer rouge regime much longer as possible for the next generation and to participate in the transformation from the sorrow to the joy and to have a good memory forever. To create a good memory for the next generation, to participate in preventing those crimes not to happen again and to keep it for the next generation not to recreate those crimes are our role as a Cambodian.

Thank you.

Written by Ms. MAO Chamna (Jasmina)



2 thoughts on “National Reconciliation through Nature (The end)

  1. “National Reconciliation through Nature” is a personal idea of the using the “tree planting” as a symbol of peace and reconciliation between the survivors of the Khmer rouge regime and the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge in Cambodia.

    The tree will play a role as a remembrance of these atrocities during this regime to the next generation and will be prevent them from not happen again in Cambodia and the world.

    The longer the tree is, the longer the remembrance remains.

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