Tree planting in the Wedding Garden

Share LOVE 2 the World


Marry with somebody is a good news to the world. But how to maintain this marriage is quite difficult. If you get divorce someday, will you destroy all your happy memory? I don’t think so.

After wedding, some couple decide to plant tree (s) at the Wedding Garden in order to leave a good memory  to each other. It is part of social work and also participate in protecting the environment and fight against climate change with Cambodian government and the world.

To me, I really admire this idea. As known, we have to protect our world from the global warming. There are many ways to reduce it. And we have to do something.

Should  I do it also? 

Yes of course. I want to make a difference too. I want to share my love to the world and to the next generation of Cambodia, especially my children. Tree planting is a symbol of love between my husband and I. I believe that there is no accident that I marry him. I want my children to see it and to know how we love each other. I don’t care about the result of this marriage, still I love to see it grow up well.

Moreover, I am really afraid of global warming. This year, 2011, I heard many bad news about the flood, hurricane, famine etc… From day to day, the weather is changing.  I hate deforestation without replant. Some people said the more they cut the more they plant. But in reality, it is not the same. We spend more year to grow one tree but they spend one day to cut almost all. If they could not respect their promises, why should I believe them?

I have to do something. I will plant trees and take care them as much as I can. The longer the tree lives, the longer I protect my country. 

And you? Just spend some hours to plant the tree(s) with your love one and gain more benefits at the end. Do you think so?

I hope you do it also.

Written by Jasmina

PS: Love NATURE as you LOVE yourself 



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