My testimony to become a Bong (2)



In June 2011, I’ve become a Bong in the Bong Paoun Project. There are many reasons why I decide to share my time with unknown children. Do you want to know? How do I feel now? Please keep reading.

5) Life as runner a marathon

I’ve been a Bong in the Bong Paoun Project for nearly 9 months. During this period, my team faces many problems with our paouns. Each paoun has different problem or family’s issue. Sometimes, I feel really tired. While I don’t have a job, I don’t want to go out, especially visiting them. The main reason is I feel shame. :(

I’ve been graduated for 2 years, still I don’t get a job. I don’t want to spend money or time for them. Most of the time, I am tired and want to stay at home. You know why?

While visiting them,  I was asked many things. I know that their parents could not buy what they want/need and they have to depend on my team or my project team. They needed my care. I’ve observed that most of them are not good at English, Khmer and Maths. What I have to do is to strengthen them. Honestly, I feel annoying. :(

One day, I heard a marathon runner story. In the beginning, there are many runners. Their starting point is really good. Everyone runs fast and is confident. But on the way, they feel tired. They want to rest. Sometimes, they are slow themselves down. Some dismiss the competition. Why? Why does it become like that?

To me, I’ve this feeling too. I feel so tired but while I think of the LOVE of Jesus Christ, I have not to give up. Father, thank you so much for your love.

I’m so happy to see their smile. Something is touching my heart. I believe that there is no accident that I am part of this project. Thank you Father. :)

You know, when I see many street working children, I hope that they could be part of this project too. But how can it be????????

To be continued (3) :)


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