“Creating the Future We Want”


International Essay Contest for Young People


“Creating the Future We Want”

Future begins with the vision we hold now. What kind of future do you wish to create for yourself and the world? Please share your dream and ideas for making it a reality.



Everyone has their own dream about the future they want such as living in a peaceful world with no corruption, human right violation, and discrimination and so on. Because of that dream, each of us can make a difference in the world. To me, I have my own dream too. My dream is to see Cambodian living in peace, love and remembrance after planting trees together within specific period of time and place. 🙂

Actually, I was born after the Khmer Rouge regime, a regime which around 1,7 millions of Cambodians were death and were killed within three years eight months and twenty days. As the next generation of the survivors, I do believe that the Khmer rouge regime is totally true in Cambodia. Honestly, I should not forget this event and a vast tragedy of the death, forced labor, starvation, forced marriage, killings and so on. I observe that bad memory does still remains in the survivors’ heart whereas bad dream seems as the black shadow to the former Khmer rouge cadres. 😦

Suppose I have a chance to ask former soldiers’ Khmer rouge to do something for the survivors in order to reconcile, what should I ask to memorize, to prevent this crime not to happen again and to keep it for the next generation?

You know, while seeing many trees were cut everyday by reason of developing country, I am really disappointed that Cambodia will be also faced climate change issues as same as other countries. One way to prevent it is to plant trees. If I do it alone, I could not make a big change. On the contrary, if many people join these trees’ planting with me, I am sure that there is a big change in ten years. The more we plant, the more trees remain longer. The more they remain longer, the more we make a big change. 🙂

🙂 Nation reconciliation through nature could be considered as a new method of reconciliation and remembrance of the past. Trees will be a symbol of remembrance, requesting pardon, representing struggle, love and reconciliation according to planter. Why? because one tree will represent one life which was death or being executed in the Khmer rouge regime and that tree will also represent the creation of new life. Naturally, we could not bring a death to a life but we could transform the life of the death into a good remembrance for the living which is called “the nature for remembrance”

🙂 By the way, Plantation in LOVE is a special event which urges the survivors of the Khmer rouge regime and the former soldiers’ Khmer rouge to meet each other in order to untie their conflict which has happened in the past, then to look for the new wonderful future together.

This dream seems really big. How can I share it and make it a reality?

🙂 First of all, I have to share this idea to many people as I can (family/ friends/ colleagues/ blog readers…) in order to get support. If I hear essay competition, photo contest, romance competition… related to sustainable development, green economy, environment and so one, I am happily to join.

Secondly, blog should be created. Whenever I join competition, I should keep it on my blog too so that it could be reached to public.

At last, I have to be part of any Non-government Organization working on restorative justice so that it is easy to me to present this project to organization and donors. If donors are interested, I can start with a pilot project by setting goal, objective, specific place, time, budget etc.

🙂 In conclusion, to make dream a reality is not easy. I hope that I could encourage people to participate wholeheartedly in this event in order to bring peace and initiate national reconciliation within Cambodian while they could also protect environment and fight against climate change. In 10 years, those trees will contribute totally to be part of “Clean City, Clean resort and Good service”.

Written by Ms MAO Chamna (Jasmina) 🙂



One thought on ““Creating the Future We Want”

  1. “Peace, reconciliation and remembrance will be found in National Reconciliation through Nature because we all love nation and nature as ourselves.” Chamna Mao

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