Photo-story contest on Sustainable Development 2012

This year, 2012, August, I’ve joined a photo competition in Cambodia which is organized by the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The competition aims at marking the initiative of youth to youth on sustainable development and being a side-event as a road from Cambodia to the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil). For more info, please go to

I’ve submitted 4 photo which were named:

  1. “Human And Nature Are Friends” (taken date 08 August 2012, Phnom Penh)
  2.  “My Life Is Like A Toy”  (taken date 07 August 2012, Phnom Penh)
  3. “I Am A Fighter Of Climate Change”  (taken date 07 August 2012, Phnom Penh)
  4. “Let’s Every Tree Become Older And Bigger As Me!” (taken date 08 August 2012, Phnom Penh)

To me, in order to join the youth on sustainable development, I want to encourage everyone to plant tree as much as they can because tree are fighter of climate change. We, human being, are its friends. We’ve to keep most of the trees to become older and older. Don’t treat those trees as toys.

Remark: Actually, I was not selected on the first round, but I still want to share this suggestion to you.

Please read my photo-story below:

Photo 1:

Human beings are constantly surrounded by nature and interact with it.  As human beings, we are aware of the influence of nature through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and so on.  Without it, we could not live. We need air, water, sunshine, food and so on. But one negative point of human being is really happy to live in a good environment through transforming nature. Because of human industrial, nature was transformed. Some people don’t pay much attention to environment because of their wants. They destroy nature day by day as they are going to diminish themselves and other. Why? If someone tries to deforest one place, the nature will fight back to us through flood, drought, air pollution, water pollution and so on.

 I decide to take this photo because I believe that people and nature are friends. We are interdependent and belong to each other. In the morning and in the evening, while doing exercises, some people choose to get fresh air with a good environment. You might know where this place is. Even you disagree; still it is true that we are friends. Please love nature as you love yourself because we’re one.

Photo 2:

Tree is a life. Whenever we plant, we always want to take advantage from it. It seems that when we need it to decorate our house, to bear fruits, to make city become more beautiful, to protect environment, we will plant it as much as we can. But one day, when it becomes less useful comparing to other things, we don’t hesitate to cut it down.

 The trees in this picture seem unhappy. No beauty. Do you think that they will be cut down one day too?  To me, their lives are like toys.

 I choose to take this photo because I don’t want to see them would be cut down one day. Why? Because I love them, love their beauty and I know that those trees will take part of fighting against climate change. As a result, I’ve to love those trees as I love myself.

Photo 3:

The Earth’s climate is being directly affected by human activity. As known, carbon dioxide (CO2), an important greenhouse gas, levels are keeping rising. To reduce them, it would be better to plant more trees as much as we can. Why? Because they will absorb CO2 and produce more oxygen.

I choose to take this picture because I know that I could help my country by tree planting. This is one of the ways that I could do as a Cambodian. In fact, I can’t do it alone. I need your participation. Tree is a life. It is grow, live and die as human being even its live is quite longer than us.

Look at this tree. It was planted. Are you happy while seeing many trees were almost cut like them? To me, I would say no. Honestly, I’m afraid of the affects from climate change. I hate flood, drought, air/water pollution etc. When I know that trees could be fighter of climate change, I’ve hope to survive.

But to those trees, how can they help us? Please don’t keep silent while seeing some people try to cut them down without planting more trees as they can.

The more trees were planted and grow well; the saver we are.  Let’s plant trees for climate change together.

Photo 4:

Tree is a life which can be grown, lived and died. After planting, it would be better to take care of it as much as we can. Lets it grow and lets it become old. The longer it live, the longer we save. Why? Because it will protect environment and be part of fighting against climate change.

 One way that those trees could live more than 50 years is to connect it with something special.

 To me, I decide to take this photo because I want to connect a tree to the remembrance of some people who died during the Khmer rouge regime or some survivors who just died without receiving justice from the Khmer rouge tribunal. Planting a “tree of remembrance” is one of the way that everyone is able to remember the Khmer rouge regime while protecting environment and fighting against climate change. To keep many trees become older and bigger are not easy but through the planting a tree of remembrance will not affect the economic growth and human industrial.


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