Ten Things to Know the Right One

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After reading one of my friend blog called http://www.famouschris.com writing about “The 10 qualities of a girl that I’m attracted the most“, I start to think about myself. What kind of man that I’m looking for? Actually, I’m not a beautiful lady so I don’t know who gonna love me. This is one of the reason that I don’t want to look for him by myself so I decide to give this prayer to my Heavenly Father to look for me.

Father, below is 10 things that I know that he is my right one. I give you the right to choose him for me because I know that You’ll give me the best. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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1) Faith

As a Christian, marrying a man who has the same belief is really important. Why? Because we have the same important thing together in our life. I prefer not to fall in love to the non-believer because I don’t have totally trust on him. You know, if I trust my God, I have to trust my lover too.

Marrying to a non-believer seems to put my happiness into the gambling table. No matter how good he is, still he falls into temptation. If he loves me and wants to marry me, he has to ask permission from my Heavenly Father and my worldly father. If not, how can I give my happiness into his hand?

Honestly, I fail to do so for many times. When I fall in LOVE, sometimes, I need a chance to go close to him. What I want to do is to find a way to get his attraction. Then I start to express myself. At last, I share the Word of God to him. When I see nothing change in him, I start to stay away from him because I know that he is not my right one.

I observe that marrying a non-believer is really risky. I could not experience the presence of God in him. In conclusion, I still choose to marry a Christian man. The more he loves my God, the more he loves me. We will experience the presence of God together until we all go to Heaven.

2) Time

Two people could build a strong relationship until they have spent time together. When I love someone, I always try my best to stay close to him. I want him to know who I am and I want myself to know who he really is. When we spend time together we could see what the same and the difference between us. Most of the time, I could not spend time with the man I love because when I tried to stay close to him, he always tried to get away from me. This made me disappointed and stopped thinking about him.

3) Love environment as I love nature

I am blessed to have an idea of “national reconciliation through nature” between the victims and the perpetrators of the Khmer rouge regime. I hope that the tree plantings could become part of moral and collective reparation for Civil Parties of the Khmer rouge tribunal and also become part of Non-judicial measures to the victims or the survivors of this regime. Those trees will become a symbol of peace, reconciliation, remembrance, environment’s protection and fighting against climate change in Cambodia.  You know, when I see trees which are planted or are growing bigger and bigger, my heart is really touched. I hope that my right one could love environment as I love nature too. If he doesn’t care of environment or nature, he has to start love it from now on.

I’ve quoted a speech from my Introduction Environment in Khmer (IEK) named Mr CHOU Phanith. He said, “Start to love nature”. Loving environment and nature have to start from desire. If you don’t have any desire to love them, you might find no solution to protect this planet. Through studying his course, I really love my project and hope to make this dream come true. “Love Nature as Yourself.”, Chamna Mao.

4) Strong personality

A man who is charm, confident, and strict in the good way etc. easily gets my attention.  I don’t see that he is a bad guy. In order to help other, he has to be a strict guy. I really like the way he is.

5) Open-heart for me to be with him no matter what happen

I recall a Christian wedding. The groom said, “I, (name), take you, (name), to be my wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” This rite of marriage is really touched. It is a promise that he has promised in front of my God the Father, my parents and me. As I observe, as a man, he doesn’t want his lover to know his feeling while he is in difficulty. Sometimes I don’t know why he asked help from other people or other lady but not from his lover. Is that because he just wants her to be happy? As a woman, she always wants to stay close to him no matter what happen. I am not a difference. When I love someone, I always want to go fighting with him during difficulty. When he wants to take risk because of finding justice, I always want to be by his side. But when he did wrong, I didn’t persuade him to do so but I tried my best to bring him back. My Lord Jesus Christ will help us to solve our problems because He has promised.

6) Safe and secure

I feel safe and secure when I know that he is waiting for me. He has never left me alone. I’ve experienced many times when someone I love left me alone with other. He might think that I was strong but actually, I wasn’t. I am just a simple woman who needs care and love from other. The more he takes care of me, the more I love him. The more he takes care of me, the more I’ve never left him alone.

7) Willing to serve

Social work is one of my interested. I love to join in social activities such as working with children, teaching them, spent time with them as I do in the Bong Paoun Project. This project is one of the ways that I choose to serve my dear Father through helping children working on the street. Moreover, I love to join clean-up city event and some environmental tasks. It is rarely to find someone who is willing to serve other. Because of the love of my Lord Jesus Christ, I have to love other as myself. Social work is another ways that I could serve the Lord, help other and join hand with my government. Do you think so?

8) Accept my second personality

To me, being in the public and in the house, my personality is always changing. Actually, I’m talkative and annoying person. If you don’t know me well you might not know about it. I really like my second personality because it is the way I am. I hope that my right one could accept my negative point.

9) Music instrument player

I like to listen to music and sing a song. My sisters always prohibit me not to sing and to dance. But I won’t stop because it is the way that I find happiness. Yeah, I know that it is not good but I’ve no idea. You know, whenever I heard someone play music instrument especially guitar, this person is always got my attention. I couldn’t do anything on that time, just to listen to his song.

10) Give a special sign

Around me, there are many nice men who are Christian. But how can I know that he is the right one that my God has chosen for me? I need a sign. This sign is related to my English name “Jasmina”. I won’t tell you guys here because I want that person finding it himself.

Thank you all for your reading. 🙂

Written by Chamna Mao (Jasmina Mao)

Date : 17 November 2012



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