Clean-up City On Women Right Day 2013!

Yesterday was Women Right Day 2013. I’ve decided to be part in cleaning-up city around Royal Palace and along Chak To Mok River from 4:00 – 4:30 pm. The main reason to do so is my favorite to do little thing for my Cambodian society on Women Right Day. 🙂

After reading facebook announcement from my friend Ratanak, I was thinking whether I shall join or not. First thing that I did was to forward this message so that I could invite many friends to join with. After seeing many Like clicks, I was really happy and decided immediately to register. 🙂

Today, while I arrived to the meeting place, I was quite upset to see few people. Maybe today is a Women Right Day that’s why many people are very busy and could not manage time to join this event. 😦

As the announcement, the cleaning-up city would be started from 3:00 pm but the organizer SSK Promotion decided to delay because the number of participants was really little. I’ve heard that around 100 people have registered but as I’ve seen there were around 20 people.

🙂 One o’clock later, we started. First of all, we took group photo. I was blessed to Clean-up City On Women Right Day 2013have one friend Ratanak, the one who announce this event in facebook, join this event with me. He introduced his two friends Penghuy(Male) and Kimchhin(Female) to me. I was delighted of not being alone. Thank God. Then, we started our mission of collecting rubbishes especially plastics. We kept walking in front of Royal Palace till the River bank. We did it around 30 mn.

You know, many people around there kept looking at us and took our photo. It would be better that they join with us rather than taking photo. One guy asked me why I had to do so because today was a Women Right Day. As a lady, I should do other special thing. What I could reply was to suggest him to join this activity with me. What was his response? “No”. 😦

To me, even we had around 20 participants, still we were really enjoyed because we could do little thing to help our society. If you want to do good thing for your society, I would recommend you not to care about other word. Just focus on your work. One day, they will understand. 🙂

Thank for your reading. 🙂

Chamna Mao (Jasmina Mao)

Date: 09 March 2013

NB: I would like to share one song to you called “One Woman“. We’re One Woman. We Shall Shine. 🙂



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