Sometimes, Strenght Is Limited!





Bong Paoun Project is one of the missions to serve my Heavenly Father. It has been nearly 2 (two) years that I am working as a Volunteer (Social Worker) there.

Sometimes, I am annoyed and tired to hear many complaints from my paouns (little brother)’s families. But right now, I feel that I am incapable to help them.  😦

Actually, I am working with 4 (four) ladies from different countries. They have the heart of passion as same as me to serve God through the Bong Paoun Project. We have 3 (three) paouns, namely Vantha, Nom and Samnang, from 3 (three) different families to look after. Our missions are 3 (three) “S”, Sponsorship, School, and Spiritual.

As a Bong (big sister), I am blessed to work in the team to help those children. Before our paouns were street working children. Every day, besides going to school, they had to collect some bottle of water or some materials to sell in order to earn money to support the family. They had to work as a big people and sometimes they didn’t attend class regularly. They are blessed to live with their parents and their siblings in a tiny rooms with more than 5 (five) people. Their lives were not good in the beginning but when the Bong Paoun Project started to sponsor them, everything was changing. 😀

After they were sponsored, they only attend Khmer class at public school and English class at House of Joy (a house rented by the Bong Paoun Project in order to be a house of joy for the children). Moreover, the Bong Paoun has sponsored other things such as bag, book, uniform, bicycle etc. They are blessed because they are the chosen ones. 🙂

Many good and bad things happen from day to day. My team and I could build a good relationship with our paouns but with the parents, it is sometimes quite difficult. 😦

Last year, one of my paouns’ parents sent him to work illegally in Thailand. My team and I were really disappointed because we have spend time, money, and other things to help that family. But at the end, they send him to work at other country without discussing with us in advance. This is one of my failures as a Bong. I could not help my paoun. 😦

Right now, God has brought him back to Cambodia. But he is not the same as before. He grows up and his character was changing. I still could not help him. It is too late for him to go back to school. The project could not sponsor him again. If he doesn’t attend any public school or any training, he could not be sponsored. What will he do? He has to look for a job to support the family. He has to work hard to earn lot of money even though he is young. I feel really sad because I couldn’t do anything. I’m incapable. 😦

Tonight at 9:00 pm, one of my friend’s paouns called me to complaint about his eyes. It has been nearly three weeks that his eyes were in pain and his parents didn’t bring him to see the doctor. According to the project, we’ve tried not to involve in parents duty. We want to teach parents about their responsibilities to take care of their children. Whenever, I met my paouns and their friends, they always complaint to me in order to ask help. Sometimes, I could solve their problems but sometimes, I can’t because it is not my duties. I was really disappointed that my strength was limited.  😦

Because of this limitation, shall I give up? No, I shall do something. After sharing my concern with my sisters, they were supporting me to bring him to see the doctor. My sister Danay gave me $20. What she said is right. If I do nothing and his parents don’t do anything, his eyes will be in danger.

Now, I don’t care about this limitation. I’ll bring that boy to see the doctor tomorrow. Thank you Father for your encouragement. I won’t give up. I know that you will give me strength to fulfill your mission. I pray and thank you in Jesus name. Amen. 😀

Thank you for your reading.

Chamna Mao (Jasmina Mao) 🙂

Date: 28th May 2013



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