New Life With ONLINE!

Every Ending Is A New Beginning.” — Anonymous.

It has been almost 6 months that I have been working at Cogete08062013623l Limited (ONLINE), Cambodian Internet Service Provider Company. I am blessed to pass the interview while I did not know much about Private Law especially Contract Law and Criminal Law.

I am blessed to have a nice table, a comfortable chair, and to stay in a nice office with nice people and good environment. Not so crowd at all; just three people in a big room. Moreover, I’ve got a nice helmet, a name card, t-shirt, and so much more. I’d like to mention a name card because it is the first time that I get it. 🙂

11072013644When I see it, I really miss my former job. In September 2012, I’ve got a nice paid-job, good working condition, titled as a legal officer working with Cambodian and French Civil Party Lawyers and working with civil party. I was really proud of myself especially when one civil party who I was in charge of working with was really brave to talk in front of the judge, to clarify lawyers’ questions and to reply clearly to defence lawyers’ questions. 🙂

The past is the past, today is present and tomorrow is tomorrow. I’ve to look forward.

Before Pchum Ben Day, two days trip to Sihanouk Ville have been organized. I was really enjoyed eating my favorite seafood, listening to music “ONLINE Krob Pen”, walking alone along the beach, smelling fresh air, dancing and visiting Borkor Mountain. 🙂

Let’s listen to “ONLINE Krob Pen” with me.

Here are some photos during the trip:

1. Koh Pos Bridge (Snake Island Bridge)


2. Chinese Health Ship


3.  Bokor Mountain view at Kampot Province







Sorry, I’ll put more photo tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Chamna Mao (Henna)

Date: 22 October 2013


– I’ve changed my English name from “Jasmina” to “Henna”.

– ” LOVE Nature As Yourself” — Chamna Mao (Henna)



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