Planting Tree as a symbol of FRIENDSHIP?


AUTHORITIES discovered more than 10 trees have been planted at Romancio Park by an 8 years old little young girl Capulet and 10 years old young boy Montague.

“I planted those trees with her yesterday at 6:00 pm while there was no one there,” Ronal Montague said. “After our fight in the morning, we agree to plant trees as a symbol of our friendship.” “I don’t think that it is wrong,” Julina Capulet said.

Now the parents of both families were questioned to Romancio Park authority to know why they let children doing that easily.

We, the Romancio Crew, will let you know by next week.

Extracted from Literature Studies 302, Report Newspaper, written by Group 7, E 3.7 IFL Newspaper Report_LS 302 (Group 7, E3.7)


After reading the article above, I would like to share about the Plantation In LOVE project which is about the tree planting between former Khmer rouge soldiers and the victims of this regime. This tree will become a symbol of reconciliation between the two.

Hope that it will become true in 2017.

Thanks for reading.

Henna Mao 😀


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