We’re Senior, We’re UniQue

Everything happens for a reason.I am blessed to attend E4.2, B.Ed, Institute of Foreign Languages, University of Phnom Penh, Year 2015-2016.

I am blessed to you know including my IC. I am blessed to share a nice memory with all of you. This year is our last year. Thank the Lord that we could have fun with each other. I don’t know what happen after August 2016. Maybe we rarely see each other. Maybe you could reach me only when I am invited to join your wedding. I know nothing. I am scared. I am scared that I am just your bridge, not your Comforter forever.

IC, I just want to be with you. Let take this short time and build an unforgettable memory with me. I hope that I am always special and unique in your eyes.

Anyway, glad to join Fundraising event with you. Thank for sharing this sweet memory. May the Lord bless you.

Here is the video clip of our memory (E4.2):

We’re Senior, We’re UniQue (E4.2 Fundraising Event at IFL 14 Feb 16)

“Every Moment That You’re With Me Is Counted As A Blessing. No Matter How Short It Is, It Doesn’t Matter. Thank For Sitting Next To Me, Close To Me, By My Side. Ni Ku Penda too” Henna Mao (22/Feb/2016)



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