My Last Memory at IFL in 2016 (V)

06th June 2016

“Only when I am with you that I don’t care about other eyes.”, Henna Mao (06/06/16)

This evening, I spent a wonderful time with my IC at T302, E1.2.Yesterday, he told me that he had to come to observe his sister. That was his promise. So, I decided to come too. But, I told him to bring a sweet called “Milk Kita” with him too because I wanted to eat during observation. He said I should have told him in advance. So, to me, it was too late again.

Anyway, when I arrived school, I saw his missed call. Oh! I arrived late. So, I called him back and he said that the trainee had just started. I could get in.

I entered the class. There was no seat for me to sit next to him. How could it be? I was a little bit upset.He came first; he should have reserved one for me. By the way, I cleaned the seat and I saw there were some seats that were available too. So, what should I do? I cleaned the other one too and I planned to text him to sit next to me, close to me, by my side.

While I was about to find my phone, he suddenly moved to my reserved place. He was so adorable. And then? he brought “milk kita” out of his bag and gave one to me. I was so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. I should not have forgotten to ask why he could bring it. I asked one more. He gave me one more. And then, I asked for a chocolate. He checked and he gave me that. Unbelievable! he was so sweet, sweet like an ice cream.

I looked around and asked who was his sister that he wished to see her. I thought his sister was a trainee today. But how could his sister is a man? I might have been confused of something.

Oh man! his sister was a student at E1.2. He came to see her, not to observe her. Oh! my goodness. My heart was almost broken. Who was she? how could my IC come here just to see her? To my IC, he said that she was just his sister. She was one of friends who went to Singapore with him. Then, I said she was one among the other two girls. He said Yes. He was a little bit surprised that I could remember that. He may have thought that I just checked his profile and might not have remembered well. I didn’t know too. Honestly, I guessed but it was not strange to me that I was curious to know everything about him.

We spent one session together just to chitchat rather than observation. I talked to him many things and I felt that he was so happy  while being with me. That was the same feeling like the first day that we observed together.

As I noticed, he spoke strangely. He spoke like a child. I suddenly remembered that he was himself while he was with me.  Me too! I spoke like a child too but a little bit cute, adorable, and lovable.To me, I was so unique. My personality was so positive. He admired me much.

That time, we didn’t care much about the trainee and others. Seemed like an old friends who have not seen each other for a long time and once they met again, there were a thousand stories to tell. One hour and a half was not enough for me to be with you, IC.

He said that he got three animals today and I knew that I was one too. If my IC didn’t want to see me, he might not have told me that he came to school. He might not have said below:

“It’d be great if u can come but it’s also completely fine if u can’t sis. Okay, tell me tomorrow then sis. I will wait to hear ur response.” my IC said.

I learned to be patient. I learned to wait for him almost 30 mn. I learned to control my jealousy. I learned not to tell other friends that I was waiting for him to see our AT together.

While we walked down and passed the short dark place, I turned on my camera light because I knew that he might not see the way clearly. I used to do that while we walked in the dark place together. I just wanted to show him that I was his light. He may not be able to hold my hand while walking, but I could show him a way to move forward via the light.

He was himself only to some specific people. He rarely said “Hello” or “Hi”or else to other. That was why I told him that he was like a stone, a rock. But I was a little iceberg too. He was surprised because an iceberg was big. How could I say that I was a little one? I said the iceberg was little only we saw it from the surface. Then, he understood what I meant. He had many things to learn more about me. So, I asked “Do you want to study with me again next year?”.

Do you know what my intention is.

Henna Mao (06/06/16)

Love Nature As Yourself 😀



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