Giving Up vs. A Goal

Nothing is permanent. Nothing is stable. When it comes, it comes. When it goes, it goes. When the time comes, we have to say Goodbye. When the time comes, we can come back again one day.

Recently, there are many people said “Goodbye” to me. Even a farewell has been organized, it is not enough.

I understand this feeling. I understand it really well. No one is happy to leave his/her second home. It is not easy to get used to a life there. It is not easy to get along with colleagues. It is not easy to build friendship. And it is not easy too to catch up with the task assigned. Do you know why?

A second home is like your comfort zone. It gives you an inner peace. Don’t you know that after you get used to the job, you enjoy your life there? You start loving your colleagues. You start having a good relationship. You start loving the environment and working condition. Even though you take a nap on the desk, you feel like sleeping on your bed.
Honestly, I really like my second home as same as you too. And I understand really well the feeling of disappointment and sadness especially when you have to leave that home. I understand that you don’t want to leave that place too but you have no choice. You feel that the door and the window are close. You can’t get in even you have tried hard. The insiders couldn’t help you. They could only give you a wish and motivate you to look forward. But there is one thing that I would like to tell you is NOT TO GIVE UP.

“Goal Is A Goal. No Matter How Long It Is, It Doesn’t Matter……” Henna Mao (09/Jun/16)

Look at me! in 2011, by faith in Jesus Christ, I decided to walk out of my comfort zone too. Who know that in the next five years, i can come back again! Who know that my Plantation In Love project has been supported and conducted by another NGO! Who say that it couldn’t be true! Who say that I should give up since the beginning!
“……It Is Just A Matter Of Time. Finally, I Am Here.” Henna Mao (09/Jun/16)

Henna Mao (10/Aug/16) 😀
Love Nature As Yourself


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